Meet the crew

March 10, 2020

We present our first edition of Meet The Crew
–  Meet Daniel & Torbjörn

-Meet The Crew, is going to take you closer to the people that works onboard our ships and get to know the Terntank crew a little better!

Name: Daniel Leopando
Position: Master
Current vessel: Ternvik
Years with Terntank: 14

What are important factors to have “happy ship” according to you? -A happy ship should have a spirit of camaraderie. A good relationship to each and every crew is important, giving them my full support and attention not only at work but also to their personal matters if needed. I let them feel that their work is being appreciated even in small things that inspire them to do more, than what is expected.

What is your advice to future cadets?
-For the future cadets, always remember that experience is the best education. Keep on learning. Perseverance, hard work and discipline are the key to success!

Name: Torbjörn Beyersdorf 
Position: 2:nd Engineer
Current vessel: M/T Ternvag
Years with Terntank: 3,5

How do you like it onboard M/T Ternvag?
I like it. For me a tanker on the spotmarket is what life at sea should be like.Why? Several reasons. One is that it is easy to stay in touch with my family due to the trade. Another reason is that anyone in the office is just a phonecall or email away. It doesn’t matter if I call the superintendent or even the owner of the company. They answer and give me the support I need. Last but not least. HR-department called when I was having a crisis at home and just asked how I am. Small thing but means a lot.

What is your advice to the future seafarer?
For cadets. The most important thing is curiosity. Keep asking questions and don’t be afraid to look stupid. The best cadet I’ve ever had asked the most stupid questions. It is also important to not accept any form of harassment if that should occur.

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