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SCR – Lower emission in harbor areas

12 Dec 2018
Terntank´s engagement for the environment opened up the possibility for us to retrofit SCR units onboard Tarnbris and Ternvind. Figures and measurements show that we not only reduce our NOx emissions with 2,5 tons per year and vessel, in harbor areas,  we also lowering the noise when staying in harbor areas. As a result, our score in CSI, Clean Shipping Index, will increase.

Dec 2018

Officers Conference 2018

12 Dec 2018
We recently completed our annual officers conference held in Denmark. We are so excited over the outcome and we believe that all participants was encouraged and ready for another year to act as good ambassadors as a great team onboard both at sea and in ports in view of safety, operations and performance. Among a lot of important topics on the agenda, MRM had a huge part which we felt are so important and interesting for so many reasons. Thank you all who made this event till an successful gathering and see you again next year.

Dec 2018

NOx Fund Movie

11 Sep 2018
Terntank have been selected to be a part of the NOx Fund movie. We live up to NOx:s goal to implement a more environmentally friendly technology. You can watch the short film below and read more about the project on

Sep 2018

Terntank won rosenhills “24-Hours” soccer tournament

08 Sep 2018
Terntank participated for the first time in Rosenhill Seamans Club soccer tournament called ?24-hours soccer tournament?. This annual cup has last for over 30 years and we decided to nominate one team. When the cup ended up team Terntank stood as no 1, winner of the whole tournament. There were more than 30 teams competed. We hope this was not the last time we participated ?

Sep 2018

Additional environmental investments

23 Apr 2018
Terntank Rederi ? Additional environmental investments in our spot fleet Read the entire emissions reduction article by clicking the image below:

Apr 2018

Terntank 60th anniversary

17 Jan 2018
We are very proud for the last 60 years and the company would like to thank all of you who have been, and still are, connected to us. We say thanks to all customers, employees and suppliers. Together with all of you these 60 years have been successful and we look forward to many years to come.

Jan 2018

New employee

04 Sep 2017
Hereby pleased to announce that we today have employed Birgitte Overgaard Christiansen as new Head of Accounting (Regnskabschef). For the past 16 years Birgitte has been working as an accountant with BDO (accounting firm) in Sæby and Frederikshavn. Birgitte started 1st September in Skaw office. We welcome Birgitte to our team!  

Sep 2017

Chartering department are expanding

14 Aug 2017
kristin Terntank's chartering department expands with one person and employed Kristin Westerholm Dotevall as vessel operator from 14th August. Kristin has an exam in Sjöfart & Logistikprogrammet at Chalmers and she has been working ten years as port agent. Last company she worked for was SDK Shipping as Agency Manager for their office in Gothenburg. We welcome Kristin to our team!

Aug 2017

Terntank visit to UN – New York

10 Jun 2017

Terntank were invited together with some colleagues from ZVT, Zero Vision Tool to ?The ?Ocean Conference? in UN New York. In brief of the week is that many efforts are being made to save the world?s ocean. Sweden is the world leader in Green Shipping so let?s continue on the track. Our message has been to build all this joint industry, government and academy. Together we are strong and our grandchildren will ask us why we did nothing while there was time. Save the ocean conference is the beginning of something new. There is hope!

IMG_5487 IMG_5489

Jun 2017

Sweden are “frontrunners”

31 May 2017
NOR Shipping During Nor-Shipping Business Sweden held a seminar where Terntank and Tryggve Möller MD among other speakers from Sweden showed that we are frontrunners as country when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and innovation in the shipping industry. Tryggve talked about the new buildings and the challenge with the infra structure in supply of LNG fuel and that shipowners need support from government in order to be able to invest in this high tech environment friendly vessels which can be up to 20% more expensive to build. STM talked about to make vessel routes more efficient and secure through information sharing and smart services.

May 2017