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A beloved colleague has past away

03 Mar 2011
After a long battle against a severe disease, Olle Kristensson passed away on February 15th, 2011. Behind him, he leaves his wife Annika and the children Karin, Annie and Sofie. Olle was a family man who put his immediate family in the first place, but there were still plenty of room in his big heart for very many people. It is said that no man is irreplaceable, but Olle leaves a void space with us, his friends in the shipping companies of Donsö, that can?t be filled. Music was an indispensable part in Olle?s life, but so were also shipping. Olle was a dedicated, competent and highly responsible as a shipowner. When circumstances called for major changes to secure the future of the company, Olle, who loved his island of Donsö, took the tough decision to move to Skagen, Denmark, together with his family, to establish a new residence for the company. This alone was a major loss for the shipping community of Donsö. Olles dedication to shipping went far beyond his company. We are grateful for Olle?s efforts to promote the Swedish shipping industry in so many ways, and he was always an exemplary representative of all Donsö shipping companies. Olle was an emphatic man who always spread joy and warmth about him. We mourn a very good friend and colleague.The sense of loss after Olle is great, but his memory will for ever be here as a source of warmth and light, a power source that will generate the energy we need to continue in his spirit. We call on peace be upon him, and send our warmest thoughts to Olle?s family. ?You are on your way. One day, the night becomes white. One day and stars grow out of his arms. Don?t be afraid, there is a darkish harbour. You don?t see it now, but travels there.? (extract and free translation of hymn 432 in the Swedish Book of Hymns).

Mar 2011