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Chartering department news

20 Nov 2012

Above Chartering department consisting of Anna Nyman - Head of Chartering Department (left), Jimmy Kristensson - Charterer (right) and Carina Eliasson - Back office (upper right). Lidja Rota Olsson - Operator (upper left), Lidja is temporarily helping out in the department, she is normally Chief Officer onboard our vessel Ternhav.

At New Year we are very happy to announce that Magnus Karlsson will rejoin the Chartering Team as Senior Charterer. Magnus use to work for Terntank for ten years and has now ben employed by Broström since December 2007 until present time. More information to follow later on.


Nov 2012

Tarnsjo sold

16 Nov 2012
After almost 20 year of loyal service in Terntank, faithful servant m/t Tarnsjo has been sold to Salmar (name of new owner). We are greatful for all these years. m/t Taurus (new name) are now heading towards far east for new trading area. Almost whole crew onboard on jouney to Asia are from Terntank. We wish Salmar and crew good luck and all the best in the future.

Nov 2012

Education in Pre-employment interview

02 Nov 2012
Marine Profile held a course in pre-employment interview conducting e.g. personnel assessment, interview techniques, psycometric test which is important during recruitment of sea personnel. Present on this course was crew departments from Tärntank Ship Management AB, Sirius Shipping, Nolsö Shipping and Donsötank.

Nov 2012