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Awarded again

21 May 2014
The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation (Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus) has decided to again award two of Terntank's engine officers for their creative invention. It is our Chief engineer Jimmy Pålsson and 3rd engineer Edward Lundin, both sailing onboard M/T Ternvag who also this year received a prize with following explantory statement as stated above and below. Congratulation to both of You! "Sweeping without rust" An exhaust gas boiler is a type of heat exchanger that takes advantage of the heat from the exhaust gases in the funnel and transfers it to the ship's heating system. Sometimes require exhaust gas boiler cleaned, and there are various methods that are more or less appropriate. The device injects a certain amount of water and air in the exhaust gas boiler under high pressure. the high pressure helps to atomize the water and thus evaporates relatively quickly. By also using compressed air for a few seconds after the tank emptied allow any water residue that may remain in the loops disappear.

May 2014