Yes from the commission to co-fund JIP Baltic SO2lution

November 21, 2014

21 Nov 2014

During the Motorways of the Sea Conference in Gothenburg it was revealed that the Commission has reserved a co-funding of 3.6 million Euro to the Joint Industry Project Baltic SO2lution, a cooperation between Terntank, Wärtsilä, North European Oil Trade (NEOT) and Wega Enviro. This to support their action to introduce a new two-stroke dual-fuel engine to the market and to minimise air emissions in the supply chain of petroleum products in the Baltic Sea.

The new vessel will be calling 21 ports and terminals in the Baltic Sea and the chosen solution provides notable financial as well as environmental advantages both in the distribution chain and on-board the vessel.

In numbers JIP Baltic SO2lution is planned to reduce emissions of SOx by 99%, NOx by 85% (the engine is IMO Tier III emissions compliant in gas mode without need of NOx abatement equipment) and particulate matter by 99%. Together with other advanced energy efficient measures on board, there will be an emission reduction of 40% for CO2.

Since JIP Baltic SO2lution is part of the collaboration platform Zero Vision Tool, this new vessel is also included in a planned safety and environmental measurement overview, which will be conducted via a Joint University Project, where phase one will include emissions and discharge (phase two is planned to include safety, modal shift and noise). The aim is to estimate what the environmental investments, made by all the Joint Industry Projects working via the ZVT platform, are worth both for the health, wealth and sea.