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Sweden are “frontrunners”

31 May 2017
NOR Shipping During Nor-Shipping Business Sweden held a seminar where Terntank and Tryggve Möller MD among other speakers from Sweden showed that we are frontrunners as country when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and innovation in the shipping industry. Tryggve talked about the new buildings and the challenge with the infra structure in supply of LNG fuel and that shipowners need support from government in order to be able to invest in this high tech environment friendly vessels which can be up to 20% more expensive to build. STM talked about to make vessel routes more efficient and secure through information sharing and smart services.

May 2017

Terntank goes to UN in New York

24 May 2017
Terntank will participate in UN Ocean Conference in New York starting the 5th of June. The side event Swedish Initiatives for Agenda 2030 is arranged at the UN Head Quarters where initiatives from the Industry and in Public Private Partnership are presented. The aim of this side event is to emphasize the industry´s will and ability to act as a motor in the change process needed to transform into a sustainable world where the seventeen global goals are met and where SDG 14 ? saving the oceans ? is key in the planetary processes. By showing the diversity in knowledge and driving forces we like to demonstrate that the transformation is possible through robust incentives. See more information in the link below, from Terntank Tryggve Möller and Dick Höglund will participate. See also the following link if you want to follow the Swedish ministers who will be a part of it all about the conference to find in the below link:  

May 2017