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Ordering next generation hybrid tankers

05 Nov 2019

Terntank orders next generation hybrid tankers – The journey towards fossil-free operations continues

Terntank orders two new LBG/LNG powered chemical/product/biofuels tankers on 15,000 dwt with hybrid battery system and on-shore power readiness from AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd with an option for two more vessels. The new-builds are designed by Kongsberg (ex Rolls-Royce) and they will be in operation in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea in 2021. The close cooperation with the customers and with the crew at the shore and onboard has made it possible to further develop the environmentally friendly supply chains and to take the next steps towards carbon-neutral shipping. Doing business in a sustainable way and cutting down emissions are the core values for Terntank and its customers.

With these TERNTANK HYBRID SOLUTION vessels we continues our journey as the forerunner in environmentally efficient and safe shipping. The protection of the marine environment and maritime safety has always been of top priority for Terntank, a family-owned company having its roots on the island of Donsö. Terntank was the first shipowner to order LNG powered product tankers in 2013.

Vessels will be developed from the experience of the previous AVIC SERIES with many additional innovative improvements to reduce environmental impacts. Terntank’s new vessels will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impacts in the supply chain with LBG/LNG powered engines, hybrid battery systems, and on-shore power. Terntank strongly supports the greenhouse gas reduction targets of the maritime sector. The next generation LBG/LNG powered product tankers will give a strong lead in reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the International Maritime Organization.

The new-builds are capable to operate with liquefied biogas (LBG). The vessels will be equipped with a new electric power supply system including battery pack, shore-power connection, and bow thruster drive (hybrid). Energy consumption and emissions are further reduced with the latest digital solutions for operational optimization.

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Nov 2019