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NEOT takes hybrid tankers on TC

13 Oct 2020

NEOT takes hybrid tankers on TC

Co-operation between Terntank and NEOT will be taken to the next level with a new generation of LNG/LBG hybrid product carriers.

THE NEW VESSEL class is derived from the product carriers of Ternsund-type. As the project designation ”Terntank Hybrid Solution” suggests, the new vessels will take a step further, combining LNG/LBG-powered engines with a DC Link Battery Storage System. Both vessels will be taken on TC by NEOT, a Finnish oil products supply company operating in the Baltic Sea region. After that all five vessels in the NEOT-fleet are owned by Terntank, of which four will be LNG-powered. Advisor at Tertank, the shipyard has managed to maintain almost full activity during the Covid-19 pandemic despite additional challenges such as heavy rain and local flooding in and around the Yangtze River. Travel restrictions have of course impacted on the possibility to visit the shipyard  during construction of the two vessels.

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Oct 2020