December 15, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that TERN ISLAND has been delivered today from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou, Dingheng Co Ltd to Terntank Rederi AS.

TERN ISLAND is the first of series of two 15.000 dwt vessels that will be commercially operated by North European Oil Trade in the Baltic Sea area. TERN ISLAND has a cargo capacity of 16500 cubic meters in 14 epoxy coated tanks.

The pioneering new vessel design is derived from the product carriers of Ternsund-type. Together with the design partner Kongsberg Maritime we have taken a step further, combining LBG/LNG-powered engines with the Hybrid Solution®.

TERN ISLAND is equipped with the Hybrid Solution®, the combination between battery pack, shore power connection and a DC-Link system. The Hybrid Solution® does not only enable us to preform fossil free port operations, but also enables peak shaving to reduce the emissions even further.
The battery packs also act as reserve to provide an energy reserve for power generation, limiting unnecessary parallel running of generators and provides a blackout prevention function that keeps the electrical network alive.
TERN ISLAND is designed to reduce the environmental impact and perform safe operations. By combining the optimized hull and rudder design with dual fuel capability, TERN ISLAND will reduce fuel and energy consumption resulting in extensively low CO2, sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, noice, particle emissions.

“The innovating ship design drastically lowers the emissions and combined together with the Terntank Hybrid solution® we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels in port operations”
– Tryggve Möller, Ship Owner

The vessel will now proceed to Bintulu to load bio products for Europe.