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Terntank orders 2+2 wind/metanol ready next generation hybrid tankers

29 Nov 2022
The journey toward fossil-free operations continues Terntank orders two plus two new MGO/Biofuel & methanol-ready chemical/product/biofuels tankers on 15,000 dwt with the Hybrid Solution® and wind assist readiness from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou. The new builds are designed by Kongsberg and going to be delivered in spring 2025. With these methanol and wind assistance-ready vessels, we take a big step forward in our journey as the forerunner in environmentally efficient and safe shipping. – Tryggve Möller The vessels will be developed from the experience of the previous six AVIC SERIES vessels with additional innovative improvements to reduce environmental impacts. In addition to the 40 percent of CO2 reductions, we made on previous vessels the wind assistance will further reduce the emissions by 8 percent, and with methanol’s low-carbon and potential in decarbonization, we accelerate our pathway to net zero. The efficient design results in an EEDI between 16-40% below the 2025 Phase 3 requirements. The new vessels will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impacts in the supply chain with methanol-powered engines, wind-assisted propulsion, hybrid battery system, and on-shore power. These next-generation product tankers will give a strong lead in reaching the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the International Maritime Organization. The vessels are built with 14 segerations and are tailor made to optimally be able to transport bio feedstocks to our customer’s refineries and load the finished goods to our customers' depots. The new builds are capable to operate on the new advanced fuels such as green methanol and e-methanol with their low GWP global warming potential in a well-to-wake perspective, which is up to 98% lower than conventional fuels, plays an important role to meet our net zero emission goal 2040. From left to right : Claes Möller, Tryggve Möller, Rigmor Möller, Annika Kristensson, Jens P. Buchhave, and John Sten The latest vessels equipped with our Hybrid Solution® (Tern Island & Tern Fors) have been in operation for a year and been proving that the battery pack and shore-power connection technology works and plays a vital role to minimize pollution near populated areas such as ports, and we believe that the installation of wind-assisted propulsion systems is one of the most promising contributory measures to reducing actual fuel consumption from shipping. According to the new builds program, the vessel design follows strict standards to utilize the best possible working environment for the crew working on board, making the vessels a prime example of a long-term sustainable working place. We are very grateful to have such good cooperation with our customers, which enables us to continuously develop and improve these already state-of-art vessels, and align us with our net zero emission target 2040. - Tryggve Möller, Rigmor Möller, Annika Kristensson and John Sten Find pressrelese here! 1. Pressrelese

Nov 2022