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Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award goes to Terntank

07 Jun 2023

On Monday, Terntank received a receipt that the investment is the right way for the future, through the Next Generation Ship Award that was handed out during the Nor-Shipping fair in OsloThe shipping company took home the award in competition with three other projects.

It was in November 2022 that Terntank ordered three 15,000 dwt chemical, product and biofuel tankers from CMHI Jinling Shipyard in Yangzhou, China. The ships will be equipped with fold-down sails and dual fuel machinery that enables the use of e-methanol, which, according to Terntank, makes the ships next-generation product tankers and forerunners when it comes to reaching the climate goals set by the IMO. The vessels, designed by Terntank and Kongsberg, will be ice-strengthened and equipped with Terntank's Hybrid Solution, which includes an electrical supply system, battery pack and shore power connection.

Intense competition The Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award is no small feat, given the intense competition of the entries. The selected vessels were assessed based on their energy efficiency, innovation, suitability and flexibility, technology use, safety and security, and environmental sustainability.

This year, three of the four entries spotlighted wind-assist technology, selected by an international jury that included Award president DNV group president and chief executive Remi Eriksen.

– We at Terntank are extremely proud of this award. There are many people who made this big project possible and we thank our customers NEOT and Neste, as well as the shipyard China Merchant Jinling with whom we previously built six ships and who have shown that they can meet our high demands on quality and delivery times, says Tryggve Möller who owns and runs Terntank together with Rigmor Möller, Annika Kristensson and John Sten.

An extension of the previous design The ships of the new series will be tailored to carry a variety of liquid cargoes and will have 14 cargo tank segregations. On the two most recently delivered ships, Tern Island and Tern Fors, emissions of carbon dioxide were reduced by 40 percent. On new builds, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by a further 8 percentage points through the system of assisting wind power.

– These new builds are an extension of our previous Avic and Hybrid Solution ships and where we now add sails and operation with methanol to further reduce emissions and thus successfully meet current and future requirements in the EU and IMO to contribute to the zero emissions target we set up, says Tryggve Möller.

The first will be delivered in spring 2025 The first of the three ships in the series will be delivered in March 2025 and will be chartered for NEOT. The two subsequent ones, chartered by Neste, will be delivered in the second half of 2025 and early 2026, respectively.

– We want to thank our employees in our offices, the on-board employees and the site team at the shipyard for their efforts, concludes Tryggve Möller.


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