Steel cutting 2/3 – Hybrid Solution Plus Series

November 15, 2023

The second steel cut of the three wind and methanol powered 15,000 dwt hybrid tankers took place at the China Merchants Jinling shipyard on Wednesday, November 15th.

The Hybrid Solution Plus series goes beyond current legestration and meeting the 2040 targets decades before. The new vessels will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impacts with methanol-powered engines, wind-assisted propulsion, hybrid battery system, and on-shore power.

The Hybrid Solution Plus vessels will be developed from the experience of the previous six Avic Series vessels with additional innovative improvements to reduce environmental impacts. In addition to the 40 percent of CO2 reductions, we made on previous vessels the wind assistance will further reduce the emissions by 8 percent, and with methanol’s low-carbon and potential in decarbonization, we accelerate our pathway to net zero.

The vessels are built with 14 segerations and are tailor made to optimally be able to transport bio feedstocks to our customer’s refineries and load the finished goods to our customers’ depots. The first of vessel will be delivered in March 2025.

By adding sails and operation with methanol to further reduce emissions and thus successfully meet current and future requirements in the EU and IMO and our Net Zero by 2040 target.
– Tryggve Möller, Owner, Terntank.

The Hybrid Solution Plus series represents a game-changing shift towards sustainability in the maritime industry, showcasing innovation and a resolute commitment to a cleaner future.