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Celebrating Maritime Innovations

14 May 2024

On Tuesday, Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus hosted its annual awards ceremony in Stockholm, celebrating maritime innovation and dedication to improving working conditions on ships.

Around 120 attendees gathered to witness the recognition of significant contributions made by seafarers. This year's ceremony marked an impressive milestone with the foundation receiving 80 proposals, the highest number since its inception in 1972. The proposals were evaluated by a review panel led by Cecilia Österman.

Terntank, a prominent contributor, submitted a dozen proposals from their crew members. Just to mention a few of Terntank crews innovations a tool for mussel removal from central coolers, safety hatch for lifeboat ladders, enhancing the stability of cargo valve control. And automated air dampers in the generator room.

Edward Lundin, Terntank’s newbuilding manager, accepted awards on behalf of absent recipients and discussed the company's commitment to implementing these innovative solutions.

Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus' awards day continues to be a beacon of recognition and motivation for maritime professionals, fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement within the industry.


Technical manager Johannes Klefbohm Widham, Tern Island, Order and order in operations.

1st Ship Engineer Christian I. Gutierrez and 2nd Ship Engineer Julius T. Pagsuberon, Ternholm, light lifting of seawater filter.

1st Engineer Carl Olsson and 2nd Engineer John Brolin, Tern Sea, automatic air dampers in generator room.

1st Engineer Carl Olsson and 2nd Engineer John Brolin, Tern Sea, Hydraulics Test Station.

1st ship engineer Carl Olsson and 2nd ship engineer John Brolin, Tern Sea, folding packing table.

1st Ship Engineer Darren James Lamban and Engineman Kent Paolo Ocaya, Ternfjord Scavange Space Blower Cover.

1st ship's engineer Darren James Lamban and engineman Kent Paolo Ocaya, Ternfjord, holder for calibration of temperature sensors.

1st Ship's Engineer Darren James Lamban and 2nd Ship's Engineer Julius T. Pagsuberon, Ternholm, scrubber trap catches dropped tools.

2nd ship engineer Julius Pagsuberon, Ternholm, tools peel away the mussels in the central cooler.

2nd Engineer Darren James Lamban, 1st Engineer Andrejs Utliks and Engineman Rolito Roldan, Tern Ocean, hot oil leak detector.

1st Ship's Engineer Christian I. Gutierrez and 2nd Ship's Engineer Julius T. Pagsuberon, Ternholm, lifeboat ladder safety hatch.

2nd ship engineer Tobias Wallander, Ternsund, more stable control of cargo valves.


May 2024

Job Opportunity: Second Engineer

14 May 2024

Job Description: We are seeking a motivated and experienced Second Engineer to join our team. As the Second Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of our vessels. Working closely with the Chief Engineer and other team members, you will be responsible for overseeing engine room operations, conducting routine maintenance, troubleshooting equipment failures, and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Responsibilities: Assist the Chief Engineer in managing all aspects of engine room operations. Conduct routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs of machinery and equipment. Monitor and optimize engine performance to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption. Troubleshoot and solve mechanical and electrical issues as they arise. Ensure compliance with safety protocols, environmental regulations, and company policies. Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, spare parts inventory, and fuel consumption. Be familiar with the relevant parts, procedures, and requirements of the SMS.

Requirements: Valid STCW certification, including Second Engineer Officer license. Proficiency in operating and maintaining marine propulsion systems, auxiliary machinery, and electrical systems. Good problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively. Good communication and teamwork abilities. Good teamwork and leadership skills. Attention to detail and a commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Benefits: Competitive salary with additional benefits.

How to Apply: If you are ready to sail with us. Please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your qualifications and relevant experience at

You can also apply via email or phone +46(0)702 651517.

We look forward to hearing from you!


May 2024

Steel cutting 2/3 – Hybrid Solution Plus Series

08 May 2024
The second steel cut of the three wind and methanol powered 15,000 dwt hybrid tankers took place at the China Merchants Jinling shipyard on Wednesday, May the 8th.

The Hybrid Solution Plus series goes beyond current legestration and meeting the 2040 targets decades before. The new vessels will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impacts with methanol-powered engines, wind-assisted propulsion, hybrid battery system, and on-shore power.

The Hybrid Solution Plus vessels will be developed from the experience of the previous six Avic Series vessels with additional innovative improvements to reduce environmental impacts. In addition to the 40 percent of CO2 reductions, we made on previous vessels the wind assistance will further reduce the emissions by 8 percent, and with methanol’s low-carbon and potential in decarbonization, we accelerate our pathway to net zero. The vessels are built with 14 segerations and are tailor made to optimally be able to transport bio feedstocks to our customer’s refineries and load the finished goods to our customers' depots. The first of vessel will be delivered in March 2025.

By adding sails and operation with methanol to further reduce emissions and thus successfully meet current and future requirements in the EU and IMO and our Net Zero by 2040 target. – Tryggve Möller, Owner, Terntank.

The Hybrid Solution Plus series represents a game-changing shift towards sustainability in the maritime industry, showcasing innovation and a resolute commitment to a cleaner future.

May 2024