Our crew are at the core of our business and we value their commitment. Every day, year round, they deliver our customers products safely, with the least environmental impact possible.

At Terntank we understand the need to look after our crew. Here are some of the reasons our employees choose to stay with us year after year:

Comfortable onboard environment

Short communication lines

Good career opportunities

Freedom with responsibility

Good working conditions

We aim to build and maintain vessels on which our crew are satisfied to work in any rank.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which all personnel are considered equal colleagues, irrespective of whether they work at sea or onshore. At Terntank, the working environment and living conditions on the ships are our highest priority. Crew are actively involved in all aspects of onboard projects, from the design of the cargo space to the furniture in the accommodation. Navigators are involved in all aspects of bridge design and equipment. Engineers are engaged in the development of all engine and energy systems. Cooks work on the galley structure. Together we are a team, working cooperatively for the benefit of all.

Terntank’s ambition is to make the working and living conditions for our seafarers the best achievable. We are a family company with a tradition of seagoing experience. Our professional competence derives from familiarity with onboard operations.

We are always keen for new talents. If you want to be part of a modern company with a strong focus on safety and environmental responsibility, consider joining us. We think you will want to stay!

Terntank strives for a company culture where ships and shorebased administration are as closely connected as possible.

Keep in mind: Upon submitting your application please be advised that the information will be accessible to the Human Resources Department and managers involved in the recruitment process. We can inform you that your application will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. All applications will be deleted within 6 months.

Right now there are no available positions with us, but feel free to fill out the form below. We read and file every application for future use. If you have any questions regarding vacant positions, do not hesitate to contact our personnel department at: +46 31 97 20 00 or personnel@tarntank.com.

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