Shipping is not what it used to be. We want to innovate the way we see modern tanker shipping by being frontrunners in the transition towards green shipping. For a long time, we've been pioneers in safety and sustainability in tanker shipping, and that work started decades ago.

Hybrid Solution

Adding Electrifying power to our Fleet/vessels. By investing in electric power solutions to our vessels, Terntank will take a giant step into the future of clean shipping. These groundbreaking tankers will revolution the way we run tankers.

The hybrid solution combines the onshore power supply which enables us to run on 100% electricity in port handling cargo. And with the cutting edge Battey Pack that stores the energy and gives us the power to maneuver to and from the port (without extra generators). With the Hybrid Solution, we have the ability no reduce our land near emissions and reduce the noise generated from the ship.

We estimate a saving of 145 000 liters of diesel per year for every ship, and more and more ports are aiming to invest in onshore power supply, to be able to provide vessels with electric power from the quays. That gives us green energy which makes our savings even larger.

The hybrid system contains

  • Energy Storage System solution
  • Shaft Generator and Motor solution
  • Main engine fuel optimization
  • Frequency controlled cargo- and ballast pump solution
  • Bow thruster drive
  • On-shore power system for a power-supply while at berth

The Hybrid Solution vessels that are equipped with this new system has the new Hybrid logo on their LNG/LGB tanks.

We want to innovate the way we see tankers

Namn Namnsson

Just in time

We have taken the environmental operation to the next level, just in time. Over the last four years, Terntank has in close collaboration together with “customers” implementing the Just in time concept and saved between hundreds of metric ton fuel.

How it Works

The Just in time concept is an operational concept that aims to optimize the journey between ports and reduce the time spent at anchor. This is accomplished by adjusting the vessel’s speed “slow slows steeming”, to meet their time of arrival.  By allowing us to send a “Virtual NOR” and slow slowsteem directly into port instead of dropping anchor and await to birth. “This is a win-win for all.” To meet the BIMCO Clause and to track the real-time savings we have installed technology that gives you the exact savings of the JIT operation in a report.

Terntank´s  Green bill of laiden*

This emission report provides you and your company with all the emission-related info that relates to the “specific trip”. With the emission report, you will get a full overview of the cargo’s climate impact.

If you are interested to learn more about this and how it benefits you, then reach out to us and we will explain how.

*Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption GHG Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Unsustainable businesses won’t be able to survive in the future.

Just in time aims to optimize the voyage and minimize the emissions that are associated with the time that the ship spending at anchorage awaiting berth.

Namn Namnsson

LNG & LBG Propulsion

We are constantly moving towards sustainable shipping and a big step towards fossil free operations was when we shifted fuel from traditional gas oil to lng. When we shifted fuel from gas-oil to the clean LNG on our Avic series we reduced the co2 emissions with 20%  Sox 99%  NOx 97% and the particles with 99%.  But we aren’t satisfied with that, we have bigger ambitions. Our LNG/Avic vessels are able to run 100% BIO fuels. 

The Bio Gas or LBG is the fossil-free variation of LNG and it’s made from renewable resources. We did our first test run on a biofuel blend back in 2018 and the sea trial went perfect! We are ready to take the next step towards fossil-free operations.

Today Tern Ocean is running on 10% biogas and we are doing this in close collaboration with Preem, which has high sustainability ambitions. We think this is the beginning of a new bio era in shipping.

The biogas that we use is made of organic waste or residues and is certified by the ISCC  – International Sustainability & Carbon Certification.

LNG är första steget. Att gradvis öka mängden biogas är fullt möjligt då teknik och infrastruktur fungerar lika bra för båda gaserna.

Our LNG/AVIC vessels are able to run 100% BIO fuels.

Namn Namnsson


Safety is one of the most central elements in tanker shipping and much has happened during the history of Terntank. By continuously strive to make the ships better and safer we have stayed way ahead of legislators. Tärntank Rederi AB took delivery of its first double hull tanker as early as in 1974 and this was decades before it became mandatory.

In 2011, Tärntank launched the Tärntank Environmental Shipping project in collaboration with the oil company Preem. The tanker Tarnvag has been equipped with the Catamiser on the main engine and all auxiliary motors.

Being a family company with its roots on an island, established by and still operated by people with seagoing experience and professional competence from shipboard operations, Tärntank has high ambitions to make the working and living conditions for its seafarers the best achievable. Modern society depends on reliable transportation of oil, oil products, and chemicals but living close to the sea has made the management of Terntank highly aware of the sensitivity of the marine environment.

We even had double hull decades before it became mandatory.

Switching to an LNG working environment changed the air quality and even the smell became better in the tankers.

Namn Namnsson