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Christmas Greetings From Terntank

21 Dec 2021

Looking back on these challenging years, we could not be more grateful to have friends and partners like you around us. As one year ends, another begins. This year has been one that we will never forget. Looking forward we hope to make 2022 even more amazing together with you.

Rather than posting a traditional gift we have again chosen to make a donation to UNICEF, Räddningsmissionen & Star of hope Philippines to support them in their important jobs.

We will also remind each other that together with you we have been able to operate and keep our vessels in service. We are all waiting for this pandemic to be over and we look forward to meet each other again.
Thank you for coming with us on this journey and may your holiday season be filled with love and joy. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dec 2021


15 Dec 2021

We are thrilled to announce that TERN ISLAND has been delivered today from China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou, Dingheng Co Ltd to Terntank Rederi AS.

TERN ISLAND is the first of series of two 15.000 dwt vessels that will be commercially operated by North European Oil Trade in the Baltic Sea area. TERN ISLAND has a cargo capacity of 16500 cubic meters in 14 epoxy coated tanks.

The pioneering new vessel design is derived from the product carriers of Ternsund-type. Together with the design partner Kongsberg Maritime we have taken a step further, combining LBG/LNG-powered engines with the Hybrid Solution®.

TERN ISLAND is equipped with the Hybrid Solution®, the combination between battery pack, shore power connection and a DC-Link system. The Hybrid Solution® does not only enable us to preform fossil free port operations, but also enables peak shaving to reduce the emissions even further. The battery packs also act as reserve to provide an energy reserve for power generation, limiting unnecessary parallel running of generators and provides a blackout prevention function that keeps the electrical network alive. TERN ISLAND is designed to reduce the environmental impact and perform safe operations. By combining the optimized hull and rudder design with dual fuel capability, TERN ISLAND will reduce fuel and energy consumption resulting in extensively low CO2, sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, noice, particle emissions.

“The innovating ship design drastically lowers the emissions and combined together with the Terntank Hybrid solution® we can eliminate the use of fossil fuels in port operations” - Tryggve Möller, Ship Owner

The vessel will now proceed to Bintulu to load bio products for Europe.


Dec 2021

Naming Ceremony – Tern Island

09 Dec 2021
The first of two 15,000 dwt chemical and product tankers in the Terntanks Hybrid Solution series has been named at the China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou, Dingheng Co Ltd.

Tern Island will be delivered in December and thereafter Terntank expects a journey of five to six weeks before she is in Europe. There she enters a longer time charter for the Finnish North European Oil Trade (NEOT). Tern Island will be included in a pool along with other vessels from Terntank

The new building was named Tern Island and the godmother is Annika Kristensson, one of the owners of Terntank.

Further development of the Ternsund series
The Terntank Hybrid Solution vessels build on the design that design partner Kongsberg Maritime developed for the previous Ternsund series. Now, among other things, the hull and rudder design has been further optimized. Also new is that these two vessels are equipped with Terntank Hybrid Solution which includes battery packs, shore power connection and a DC-Link system. This solution enables port operations with zero emissions. The shore power connection has been developed together with the Port of Gothenburg, which is said to be the first port in the world that can connect tankers to electricity.

The vessels have dual-fuel machinery that uses LNG (liquefied natural gas) or LBG (liquefied biogas) as fuel, which means that they will be able to operate on completely fossil-free fuel.

- We are very grateful to have such a good collaboration with customers as NEOT, which enables us to build these groundbreaking vessels. At the same time, we are very much looking forward to being the world's first shore-connected tanker, says Tryggve Möller and the other owners Annika Kristensson, Rigmor Möller and John Sten in a press release.

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Dec 2021

Terntank granted climate support for its Hybrid Solution.

28 Jun 2021
State of the ark product carrier
The Terntank Hybrid Solution® is a state of the ark product carrier equipped with the latest hybrid-electric power supply system. These tankers are innovated by incorporating clean quiet and electrical power. The hybrid-electric power supply system have been granted climate support by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Naturvårdsverket.

The hybrid-electric power supply system includes:
Battery pack Shore power connection DC Link

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Jun 2021

Keel laying for AD0078

27 Dec 2020
Keel Laying The second ship in the Hybrid Solution series, AD0078 has been keeled at China Merchant Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng. It is the second of two chemical / product tankers of 15,000 dwt, both of which will start a time-charter for Neot after delivery.

Dec 2020

Keel laying for AD0077

27 Dec 2020
AD0077 has been keeled at China Merchant Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng. It is the first of two chemical / product tankers of 15,000 dwt, both of which will start a time-charter for Neot after delivery.

Further development
Hybrid solution is a further development of Terntank's previous design from Rolls Royce, which goes into service for the charterers Neot, Preem and Exxon. According to Terntank, both the charterers and the shipping company and crew are very satisfied with the ships. - The shipping company and Rolls Royce and our suppliers have refined the previous design with new technology, reduced energy consumption

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Dec 2020

NEOT takes hybrid tankers on TC

13 Oct 2020

NEOT takes hybrid tankers on TC

Co-operation between Terntank and NEOT will be taken to the next level with a new generation of LNG/LBG hybrid product carriers.

THE NEW VESSEL class is derived from the product carriers of Ternsund-type. As the project designation ”Terntank Hybrid Solution” suggests, the new vessels will take a step further, combining LNG/LBG-powered engines with a DC Link Battery Storage System. Both vessels will be taken on TC by NEOT, a Finnish oil products supply company operating in the Baltic Sea region. After that all five vessels in the NEOT-fleet are owned by Terntank, of which four will be LNG-powered. Advisor at Tertank, the shipyard has managed to maintain almost full activity during the Covid-19 pandemic despite additional challenges such as heavy rain and local flooding in and around the Yangtze River. Travel restrictions have of course impacted on the possibility to visit the shipyard  during construction of the two vessels.

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Oct 2020

Steel cutting for AVIC 2.0

30 Jun 2020

The first steel cut for our two LNG / LBG-powered biofuel tankers with hybrid battery systems took place at the China Merchants Jinling shipyard on Tuesday, 30 June.

This is a further development of our AVIC series. The two vessels on 15,000 dwt have been ordered from CMJL, formerly AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding, under the project name AVIC SERIES 2.0.

- We saw a will and a potential in the shipyard when we got there in 2013. Having the first four vessels Ternsund, Ternfjord, Tern Sea, and Tern Ocean in operation for three, four years, we found that our customers, crew, and the owners are very satisfied with that shipyard, says Tryggve Möller.

Continues to take green steps
With the new vessels, we have invested too come closer to carbon-neutral operations and reduce the impact on the environment.

- Our goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 40% through reduced fuel consumption and LNG operation was achieved through the first series. Now we continue our journey towards fossil-free operations with hybrid technology and over time also by biofuels, says Tryggve Möller. Batteries and shore power
In addition to dual-fuel machinery that can be run on liquid biogas (LBG) or natural gas (LNG), the newbuilding’s get a hybrid battery system.

- This way we can eliminate the use of auxiliary engines in arrival and departure from the port, says Tryggve Möller.

In addition, the vessels will be equipped with shore power connections that will eliminate the emissions in port, which are generated from the auxiliary machines.

- This is both costly and technically complicated because the connection must be carried out in an explosion area, he says.

The vessels will also be equipped with new digital technology.

- All development that the company does together with customers, ports, STM, and ship agents within just in time can be coordinated to optimize the ship's operation both for the environment and from an efficiency perspective, says Tryggve Möller.

Close cooperation with Port of Gothenburg
The vessels are designed by Kongsberg (former Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine) in collaboration with Terntank. As regards to the shore power connection, we have worked in close cooperation with Port of Gothenburg.

- Now we hope and believe that Port of Gothenburg will make an investment decision later this fall and plug green electricity at the quays in Skarvikshamnen just until the first vessel arrives around New Year 2021, says Tryggve Möller.

The two newbuilding’s will be put into service on the Baltic Sea and the North Sea during 2021. The first, AD077, are going to be delivered in November 2021 and the second, AD0078, will be delivered in February 2022.

Read more in Sjöfartstidningens article (Swedish):

Jun 2020

John joining the Chartering Desk

01 Jun 2020

Hereby we are pleased to announce that John Sten started at Terntank Rederi A/S on the 1st of June. He will be a part of the Terntank Chartering desk. John is a part of the owner's family and is born and raised on Donsö. He has a background in export trading, sales, and logistics. John is looking forward to work in the shipping business and is very excited about this new challenge.

Jun 2020

Kristoffer our Marine Superintendent

01 Jun 2020

Kristoffer Hagström joined Tärntank Ship Management AB as a Marine Superintendent. Kristoffer has a Master Mariner degree from Chalmers University and has been with Terntank in the past as 2nd Officer. He joins again after working most recently as Surveyor at Independent Inspection Services AB in Gothenburg.
“Terntank are frontrunners in sustainable shipping and are constantly pioneering towards safer and more efficient transportations, and I’m excited and proud to be part of Terntank once again,” he says.

Jun 2020