1. 1904

    Humble beginnings

    Kristen Andreasson and his wife Adela (great grandparents of today?s leading Tärntank generation) opened the shop, selling groceries and fuel to the many fishing vessels of the archipelago.

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  2. 1911


    Delivery of a combined bunker and fishing vessel, built in Risør, Norway, with bunker oil carried in barrels. The ship was fit to ship goods and fuel for the shop, and was named Anna-Mari.

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  3. 1929

    A new sibling

    Kristen Andreasson had a new ship delivered in 1929. It was built in Marstrand, Sweden, and was one of the very first ships of its kind, a purpose-built bunker vessel. This ship was also named Anna-Mari.

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  4. 1958

    Tärntank is born

    In february 1958, the tanker Neithea, was renamed to Tärnsjö, and taken over by the partner shipping company on Donsö and the shipping company Tärntank Rederi AB saw the light of day.

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  5. 1959


    Sven-Olof Kristensson purchased another Shell tanker, the Nerita of 460 dwt, built at Eriksberg, Gothenburg, in 1937. Tärntank Rederi AB resolutely put a higher bid than the previous bidder and closed the deal by December and renamed the tanker to Tärntank.

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  6. 1963

    Selling and buying

    The first newbuilding of 850 dwt was named the Tärnfors, delivered from Karlstad shipyard in June.To finance the order the company?s first ship, Tärnsjö, was sold.

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  7. 1966

    Blooming business

    The oldest of the three, the Tärntank, was sold and business was going so well that an order was placed at the West German shipyard C Lühring in Brake for a substantially larger tanker of 2,850 dwt.

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  8. 1972

    Switching management

    In 1972 Sven-Olof Kristensson went ashore after several years at sea to manage the family business. By then the office of Tärntank was situated in the home of his mother, Karin and her husband Reverend Olle Nordin.

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  9. 1974

    A personal shipyard

    In 1974, the company took delivery of a new tanker, M/T Tärnhav, built with a double hull, decades before this became mandatory. Tärntank also acquired the shipyard on Donsö, which gave room for office facilities but also smooth access to service of the company?s own tankers

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  10. 1979

    Expanding once again

    A second-hand tanker of 6,060 dwt was bought from Finland and was named the Tärnvåg. The same year, Sven-Olof Kristensson?s daughter Ann Olofsson began working at the Donsö shipyard.

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  11. 1984

    The largest ship

    When the Tärnfjord was delivered from Kaldnes in Tønsberg, Norway, she had a deadweight of 20,000 tons and thereby became, and still is, the largest ship ever in the history of the shipping company.

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  12. 1993

    Unexpected progress

    Despite a weak market, Tärntank Rederi AB could take delivery of another Tärnsjö, the fourth tanker with that name. She was built by Kvaerner Kleven in Leirvik, Norway, and had a deadweight of 10,887 tons.

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  13. 1998

    Deliveries from China

    The new Tärnfors of 8,245 dwt was delivered from Qui Xin Shipyard. Another four tankers were built for Tärntank Rederi AB in China during the years 2001?2005 but at Shanghai Edward shipyard.

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  14. 2005

    Last of the four

    When Tärnholm was delivered from China it was the last of four ships. The four tankers built there for Tärntank Rederi AB were named the Tärnvik, Tärnhav, Tärnvåg and Tärnholm, all with a deadweight just below 15,000 tons.

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  15. 2007

    Our latest addition

    Tärntank took delivery of its latest newbuilding, the Tarnbris, of 11,289 dwt, built in Tuzla, Turkey.

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  16. 2011

    Environmental proactivity

    The Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan will become mandatory in 2013. Tärntank Rederi AB started to implement it already in 2011. By taking action in several areas Tärntank Rederi AB expect to reduce air emissions considerably.

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  17. 2013

    Zero Vision Tool

    Terntank orders two new LNG-driven 15,000 DWT tankers with delivery in February and May 2016. Terntank is the first shipowner to order vessels within the project platform Zero Vision Tool (ZVT).

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  18. 2014

    New additions

    Terntank ordered two more 15,000 dwt product tankers from the Chinese shipyard Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd. The extended order in April 2014 is a total of four. Terntank is also adding the new vessel Ternvind, former Sakarya built in Daersan Shipyard, Turkey 2008.

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  19. 2016

    Four sisters

    In June 2016 Terntank took delivery of M/T Ternsund. She is the first vessel in a serie of four sisters. Our second new vessel named ?Ternfjord? was delivered in September and the third sister vessel ?Tern Sea? was in November. All of them by AVIC Dingheng shipyard in China.

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  20. 2017

    Completing a quartet

    In March 2017 Terntank took delivery of the fourth LNG propulsed oil / chemical tanker M/T Tern Ocean. Now the Quartet are complete and Terntank are very satisfied with the final result.

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  21. 2018

    60 years of tanking

    Terntank celebrates 60 years in 2018. We are very proud for the last 60 years and the company would like to thank all of you who have been, and still are, connected to us. We say thanks to all customers, employees and suppliers. Together with all of you these 60 years have been successful and we look forward to many years to come.

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