Creative seafarers within Terntank

March 27, 2013

The Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation (Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus) has decided to award two of Terntank’s engine officers for their creative invention. It is our Chief engineer Jimmy Pålsson and 3rd engineer Edward Lundin, both sailing onboard M/T Ternvag who will receive this prize with following explantory statement as per below. The ceremony will take place 15th May in Göteborg. Congratulation to both of You!

“Testing tools for fire hoses”

“Each year the fire hoses on board tested. To see if water comes out of them is of course quite simple, but there is usually no machine will tell you if the pressure is right.
The promoters wanted a tool that could help to show just the pressure in the hoses. They took a piece of pipe, drew fire hose connectors at both ends. In the middle of the pipe was installed a ball valve through which the water is turned on and off. At one end of the tubular element mounted a manometer.
The tool is positioned, with a closed ball valve of the hydrant and the hose to be tested is mounted in the other end of the tool and hose nozzle is in the closed position. Hydrant valve opens. When the ball valve is opened water pressure in the tubing increases and the current pressure can be read. The test also shows that the hose nozzle is tight and several hoses can be tested simultaneously.
A simple, practical and authoritative tool.”